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I Found A Skunk?

February not only marks the, highly publicized, Groundhog Day but it also begins mating season for skunks! So if you're noticing a little pungence in the air, it's just love!


Skunks are gentle, non-aggressive creatures who have wrongly earned a bad reputation because of that pungent odor. Their diet of grubs, insects, mice, and baby rats is actually very beneficial.


Skunks, much like opossums, are nomads and generally travel alone unless raising young or in a den in colder weather. They are also very nearsighted and for that reason end up in places they shouldn't and don't want to be!  They’re often found in window wells with no way to escape.  Very quietly and smoothly place a board or strong branch into the window well long enough to reach diagonally from bottom to top.   Leave the area and the skunk will find his way up and out.

People are afraid of the spray but it's actually difficult to get sprayed if you're paying attention. If a skunk is alarmed, he will warn you first with a stamping of the front feet. To spray he must turn his tail towards his predator in order to spray.

 Simply heed the warning! 


Should your pet be sprayed by a skunk here's the best recipe I've found for removing the strong odor:

Mix a quart of hydrogen peroxide with ¼ cup baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid dish soap.

Bathe the dog in it and rinse. The odor should disappear -(or at least minimize) in minutes.  Repeat as needed.


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