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Warming A

Baby Animal

How to make a heat source to warm a baby animal:


1)  A heating pad set on low with a towel or protective covering around the pad.  Depending on the carrier you are using

     for the baby consider placing the heating pad on the outside bottom of the container.  Heating pads can overheat the

     animal very quickly causing death.  

2) A hot water bottle with a towel around it. 


3) Take a tube sock and fill it with rice.  Tie a knot in the end to prevent the rice from spilling out.  Place the sock in the                 microwave and heat for 1 - 2 minutes.  Remove and gently massage the sock to evenly distribute the warm rice

    within the sock.  




  • Put the heat source in only ½ of the box/container with the babies.  If they get too warm

      this will allow them space to move away from the heat.


  • When using a hot water bottle, check the temperature often.  REMOVE IT AS SOON AS IT STARTS TO COOL.  Once it’s cool it will wick all the heat  from the baby’s body.


  • Always test the heat source on yourself by placing it to your forearm.  


  • Check the heating pad frequently to be sure it’s not getting too warm until you get the baby to a rehab facility.  If too   If it gets too warm, it can literally cook the baby.


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