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            We need your help more than ever before
And now donating is so easy 

We have 4 drop off locations for donations:

    Centerville - Springboro - Spring Valley and Middletown.


Because Wild Again Rescue is a haven for such a variety of animals, our needs are great.  These wish lists will help us provide some of what these animals need on a daily basis. 

Every gift counts at Wild Again because we are supported solely through donations.


Wild Again’s commitment to the animals is an expensive and labor intensive endeavor.

Your monetary donations &/or  items off our wish list are received with great appreciation!  

The animals are depending on you! ALL DONATIONS TO WILD AGAIN ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!


Gift certificates are an excellent source of help & can be dropped off at a location listed below or mailed directly to:

Wild Again    861 W. Spring Valley Paintersville Rd     Spring Valley, Oh 45370

Most commonly used:

  •  Amazon

  •  Chewy

  •  Kroger

  •   Sugarcreek Bird Farm in Bellbrook, Ohio (937-848-8419)

  •   Lowes

  •   Home Depot

  •   Tractor Supply Co  (TSC)

  •   Buckley Bros (Wilmington 937-383-2040)



           Foods that are used daily:

  • Science Diet "Perfect Digestion" dry cat food

  • American Journey Dry cat food (Chewy)

  • Sheba wet cat food

  • Fancy Feast canned cat food

  • Frisco cat litter (from Chewy)

  • Nutrish dry Cat Food (for our Peafowl blend)

  • Dried Mealworms (for our Peafowl blend)

  • Shelled Peanuts (for our Peafowl blend)

  • Scratch Grains for Duck & Geese

  • Higgins Parrot food  Vita Seed Parrots

  • Small animal Timothy hay

  • Mazuri Alpaca Care Pellets Maintenance (Chewy)

  • Oxbow Essential Rabbit food

  • Oxbow Essential Guinea Pig food

  • Small animal chew stix

  • Purina Equine Senior grain

  • Enrich Equine ration balancer

  • Dumor Goat Pelleted feed (TractorSupplyCo)

  • Miniature Adult Pot Belly pelleted feed (Chewy or TractorSupplyCo)

  • Sow cubes (strictly from Buckley Bros feed store)

  • American Journey Senior Dog dry food (Chewy online)

  • Science Diet Dry Dog food Adult 11+ small bites 

            Larger items desperately needed:

   * Approximately 350' of gutters for the barn

   * Barn roof paint for 170' barn 

   * Outdoor inclement-weather shelter for goats

   * Cement for feed/storage room in the barn

   * Split rail fencing


Drop Off Locations:

Wild Again Rescue Spring Valley

861 W. Spring Valley Paintersville Rd.

Spring Valley, Ohio  45370

 Text us first to arrange date & time  937-307-9820

Private Residence - Middletown area

2805 Moorman Place Middletown​, Ohio 45042

Leave on covered porch during daylight hours

Private Residence - Bellbrook area

1801 N Belleview Dr. Bellbrook​, Ohio 45305

Leave on covered porch during daylight hours


Private Residence - Centerville area

2018 Stablehand Dr. Washington Township, Ohio 45458

Leave on covered porch during daylight hours

Natures Gates - Wild Again - is an IRS designated 501 (c) (3) organization. Accordingly, gifts to Wild Again are tax deductible to the extent of the law 

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