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Help name our newest resident!

Wild Again presents our newest & most mischievous new resident!  She’s doing great here in her new home at Wild Again,  but she’s so sad because she has no name. We have several fitting names and she loves them all so we’re asking for your help to make the final decision!

The choices are:
    1.  Beatrix Busy Body
    2.  Stella Sue Snortimor
    3.  Priscilla Mae Pigglesworth

It only costs $1 per vote and all proceeds go directly to her immediate needs: food, new harness, leash, and enrichment activities (yes pigs get very bored!)   To be sure she gets the name you love vote as much as you’d like.  Each $1 counts as a vote.  For instance $25 = 25 votes (& would buy her a harness)! Just click the donate button and in the memo section add the name you like OR it’s corresponding number.


The person who casts the most votes for the winning name can either meet her in person at the rescue OR win a free Wild Again T-shirt! 


Donate and cast your vote now!


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