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Join us as we embark on a journey to save even more lives with our unique Healing House!

What is the Healing House?
It is a structure specifically designed to care for the orphaned neonate &/or injured wildlife that are brought to Wild Again Rescue.

Who benefits from the Healing House?

  • People who find sick, injured &/or orphaned animals (adults & children)

  • Animals who are sick, injured &/or orphaned

  • Volunteers who want to help these animals

  • Ohio Dept of Wildlife

  • Veterinarians

  • Pet Stores

  • Families with Children will be able to scheduled general care via the viewing window &/or webcam

How do they benefit from the Healing House?

  • People who find wildlife that aren’t thriving for any reason now have a place to bring them for optimal & complete care.

  • Wildlife receives emergency assessment, care, rehabilitation in preparation for release back into their natural environment.

  • People volunteer as a way to make a difference & give back. For some it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience & knowledge.

  • Ohio Dept of Wildlife’s responsibilities do NOT include rehabilitative care to wildlife animals & yet they receive hundreds to thousands of phone calls each year regarding such.

    • They are accountable for:

      •   Law enforcement of matters relative to wildlife

      •   Wildlife conservation

      •  Public service - to keep people informed of wildlife activities

    • Their job is made easier by having the ability to refer the public to a quality source of help.

  • Most veterinarians do not practice medical care for wildlife and admit to having minimal knowledge in this field. They have been a big source of referrals to us & have told us it’s nice to know where to refer people when they call or come in.

  • Pet stores are a frequent resource for people who have found wildlife & are groping for supplies to feed &/or care for discovered wildlife.


When will animals benefit from the Healing House

  1. When wildlife are too young &/or ill to thermoregulate, the Healing House will have incubators that will provide a consistent source of warmth and humidity.

  2. When Injured or ill wildlife are brought into the Healing House a proper assessment will be performed on examination tables where appropriate supplies are readily available.

  3. When babies need round the clock feedings, trained volunteers will take shifts to ensure consistency and avoidance of compassion fatigue.

  4. When animals grow and move into the outdoor enclosures, their previously occupied incubators & cages will be designed to enable proper disinfection before the next animals move in.

  5. When animals mature so do their nutritional needs. Babies will go from daily prepared formulas to blended & chopped foods to boiled meats & raw diet. The kitchen will enable food prep & storage for all stages of the animals stay at Wild Again.

Your immediate donation will help us complete this essential wildlife Healing House in time

for 2018 rescues.


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