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Introducing Anita

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

From the Founder, Barb Gay

As a young child I loved animals but oddly, I worried about them - all of them.

I visualized the animal kingdom as a fairy tale and had trouble sleeping when a scenario didn’t have a happy ending. I created many fractured fairy tales in my mind as a way of easing my own sorrow, yet deeply cognizant that the squirrel lying lifeless in the curb really wasn’t just sleeping. Growing up, my family had a variety of house pets; all of which I was guided to respect and love. But there was always a special place in my heart for the little wildlife - the forgotten ones. No one seemed to do much for them especially when they appeared ill or injured.  Even though decades have passed since my youth, I still lie awake most nights knowing there are animals that are orphaned, starving, abused and neglected. When I stopped turning a blind eye I realized everyone has the power to make a difference.

That is why Wild Again was established.  

The prodigious need for this rescue was evident by the numbers of animals being brought to us - both domestic and wildlife. Since the power of change is greater in numbers, volunteer recruitment began for a diverse group of people with various skills but the same passion. 

Wild Again is always looking for selfless people willing to make a time commitment for the animals. Today, I’d like you to meet three volunteers who are helping Wild Again, each in their unique way!

If you’d like to volunteer please fill out our online application and Lexi will be in touch with you regarding our next new volunteer orientation.


Who says you have to live near Wild Again to save animals? Technology enables us to reach across the country to  collaborate with others who share our passion. What’s 1500 miles among people who truly care? Anita Howard, who resides in Wyoming, is thrilled to support Wild Again as a Grant Writer researching grant opportunities, drafts and submitting proposals to help Wild Again receive funding.

She loves to write proposals which express our work clearly and concisely with creativity and persuasiveness to ensure that our rescue efforts stand out. She hopes that her love of writing, multitasking and organizational skills will directly support Wild Again’s mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned, injured and/or sick wildlife back into their natural environment. She brings over two decades of professional communications experience spanning nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies while simultaneously volunteering as a hands-on caregiver with numerous animal welfare, educational and therapy organizations nurturing over 80 species of animals.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, a certification in grant writing and launched her own small business as a holistic pet wellness practitioner. She’s an environmentalist and is adopted by her rescued companions Kingston pooch and Persia kitty.  Anita is especially grateful for this opportunity to align her ideals and cruelty-free lifestyle with her passion for Wild Again’s life-saving work!

If you are aware of grant opportunities that you believe may apply to our organization or if you’d like be a part of researching these opportunities please email:


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