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Wonderful Wild Workers: John

To kick start our “Wonderful Wild Workers", Wild Again would like to shine the spotlight on John Parise. John has been volunteering at Wild Again since our very first orientation on March 23, 2014. He is an amazing and committed volunteer who is at Wild Again every Friday morning to assist with the barn animal's care.

Despite having a cat allergy, John’s favorite animal at Wild Again is Mr. Roger’s the cat. John devotes time each year to Wild Again’s Festival, and is also a financial supporter to our beloved organization. He is quick to take notice when other volunteers are going above and beyond, making sure they receive recognition, but he never asks for anything in return.

A proud Veteran of the US Marine Corps we are thankful for his service and commitment to our country. In August 2017, John began a monthly “free donuts and coffee” at the Donut Haus in Springboro for all veterans and their spouses. His compassion extends far beyond all he does for Wild Again.

John currently shares his home with his beloved Golden Retrievers Belle and Falcor. He fell in love with the breed after the passing of his first dog, Bronson, an Irish Setter. John has since shared his life with his “kids” and has had 5 Goldens (Quincy, Cassie, Murphy, Belle, and Falcor) as of today.  

Next to his love for Goldens, John knows his way around the kitchen and enjoys cooking. He is famous for his homemade Giardiniera made of produce from his garden as well as his vegan chili that he has provided on numerous occasions for Wild Again.

Everyone here at Wild Again is extremely thankful for John!  He has blessed us with kindness and compassion thru his love of the animals.  It is volunteers like John that allow us to do what we do. So if you see John around, give him a big pat on the back - he certainly deserves the recognition. 

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you John.  


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